Lastest Update on 1/2/2020


Scheduling Appointments -  Due to high demand for appointments, Cynthia opens up the booking calendar monthly, every 1st of the month at 12 am-midnight for the following month.




On November 1st at 12 am-midnight, the booking calendar for the month of December will be opened and available to schedule an appointment. If you miss your chance to book an appointment for the following month, and you're in need of an appointment, please sign up for the waitlist, via the Cynthia Aesthetics app or on your mobile phone. (Be sure to read the waitlist Policy, before signing up)


New Clients policy

  • All new clients will REQUIRE a consultation with Cynthia prior to booking any service. (Even if you were going to another spa for services)


  • Failure to do so will result in the appointment that was booked being canceled and the client NOT being able to rebook with Cynthia Aesthetics until the next calendar month is open.


  • Upon booking, the system will prompt you to pay a non-refundable deposit fee of $50.

  • Please note that you will NOT be credited for any lost deposit fee if you cancel your appointment.

  • After booking, you will receive an appointment email, please proceed with filling out the online consultation form.

  • Failure to complete the consultation form will delay your consultation & skin assessment.

  • If you don’t CONFIRM your appointment via email, by your corresponding appointment time 24 hours prior, the system will automatically cancel your appointment to accommodate a waitlist client. 

  • If you cancel your CONFIRMED appointment on the same day as your appointment you will be charged the full price 100% of that appointment.

  • If you have any questions, visit my FAQs page.


  • If there are any confusions, please don’t hesitate to text message me at 646-818-9602.

Return Client policy

  • If you haven’t been to Cynthia Aesthetics in 6 months for a Skin Care/Medical Spa Treatment please proceed with booking the very first skin care treatment we did during your consultation session. (This treatment can be found in your appointment history by logging into your account on booker)


  • If you don’t CONFIRM your appointment via email, by your corresponding appointment time 24 hours prior, the system will automatically cancel your appointment to accommodate a waitlist client.

  • If you cancel your CONFIRMED appointment on the same day as your appointment you will be charged the full price 100% of that appointment.


  • If you canceled or no-showed your last appointment with me and your card on file declined, you will not be able to re-book until your outstanding balance is paid.


  • Your Credit Card will NOT be charged at the time of booking. On the day of your appointment during check out, you can choose to pay with the card on file, a different card, cash. Pre-Purchased Cynthia Aesthetics Gift Certificate or Gift Card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express Gift Cards).

booking Appointments- Cynthia Aesthetics is online booking ONLY,  you MUST self-book your appointment online.



Canceling Appointments - If you need to cancel an appointment you booked, PLEASE log into your account to do so. No appointments will be booked or canceled via calls, email or text message. If you need to cancel your appointment within the cancelation policy, the system will not allow you to do so if it’s within 24 hours. Please text message Cynthia at 646-818-9602, for assistance with canceling and be advised you will be charged the late or same day cancelation fee, upon canceling.



Cancellation Policy - Please be advised that rescheduling your appointment within 24 hours of your current appointment is the SAME as canceling. Because Cynthia Aesthetics is completely booked, I don’t offer the option to reschedule, you will need to cancel your appointment.



  • LATE CANCELLATION - All late cancellations (within 24 hours of your appointment) is subject to 50% (of the service booked) cancelation fee. For Example: If you have an appointment scheduled at 12 noon, and you cancel at 6pm the evening before, that is considered a late cancelation.


  • SAME DAY CANCELLATION - All same-day cancellations are subject to a 100% (of the service booked) cancelation fee. Same-Day Cancellations are treated as No-Shows.


  • NO-SHOW POLICY - All no-show appointments will be subject to a 100% (full price of the service booked) no-show fee.




Waitlist Policy -  Please be advised before signing up for the waitlist that it is an automated system. You will not be notified prior to your appointment being moved. Please be specific, do not choose “any” if you cannot make it for any day, date or time. In the event there is a cancelation on the day, date and time frame you want, you will receive an email that your request has been fulfilled. If you can make and accept the appointment, please confirm.  If you cannot make the appointment and decline the request, you MUST log into your account and cancel. If you don’t confirm, we will reach out to you via text message, if we don’t hear from you we will have to cancel your appointment to accommodate the following waitlist client.



Appointment Shifted - If your appointment gets shifted, you will receive an email letting you know that your appointment time has been updated. The system detected an opening or gap in my schedule. To prevent wasted space or time, and to allow everyone to get an appointment in a timely manner, your appointment has been shifted up or down about 15-30 minutes from its original time. If you cannot make the new time, PLEASE TEXT CYNTHIA IMMEDIATELY at 646-818-9602, so that your appointment can be moved back to its original time.



The day of your appointment - Please be advised that if you are the first client of the day, there may be no one at the skin clinic yet, please do not arrive more than 10 mins earlier than your appointment. There may be a wait when you arrive for your appointment. Please come alone, space is limited and reserved for clients ONLY.  For safety reasons THERE'S NO KIDS OR PETS ALLOWED!



Booking a Medical Spa Treatment If your account/profile is not cleared for pre-treatment, upon booking a Medical Spa Treatment the system will automatically cancel your appointment to accommodate a waitlist client.


Due to Medical Spa Treatments being Advance Skin Services, your skin MUST be properly pre-treated with the home care products Cynthia recommended at the time of your consultation.  First appointment or follow-up after your first appointment at least 14 -28 days prior to any medical spa treatment. You MUST discontinue all prescribed topicals a full 7 days prior to any skin service with Cynthia. Retinol - You can only continue using PCA SKIN Intensive 0.5% Pure Retinol Night Treatment prior to appointment unless your skin is excessively dry, sensitive or advised not to by Cynthia. All services except Dermaplaning® and Dermaplaning® + Oxygenating Trio® will receive post-procedure products.





Shop Online Policy




Replenishing Products Policy - Products are always in stock unless there are back-order with the company, which I don’t have any control over. All products orders MUST be placed online if you don’t have a current appointment with Cynthia. If you have an appointment with Cynthia and would like to purchase at the time of your appointment, all purchases can be done at the time of checkout.  No walk-ins to purchase products will be allowed or tolerated. Product order’s can be placed by visiting the “Shop Online” section of this website or Downloading my app “Cynthia Aesthetics” via App Store or Google Play to place your order. Orders are not processed upon placing your order, Cynthia must review your order to ensure it’s correct before your order is processed. Orders received during business hours are fulfilled as they come in, a and a final receipt is sent. There are 3 ways to receive your product order.


Hold for In-Store pickup - If you place an order for pick-up, you can ONLY pick up during business hours. For same-day pick up please place your order by 1pmso your order can be picked out and ready for pick up. You will receive a text message, to inform you that your order is ready for pick up, with a reminder of our business hours.


Brooklyn Delivery - If you live in Brooklyn and you want your order to be delivered please select shipping at the time of check out and enter your Brooklyn Address. There will be a Brooklyn Delivery Fee of $5 added to your order. If you want your order delivered on the same day, please place your order by 1pm. All orders are delivered in the evening after 8pm unless a specific time frame is requested. You will be notified via text message with a time frame your order will be delivered that evening. There are NO deliveries on Thursday’s, Weekends or Holidays.


Shipping - Cynthia Aesthetics ships Nationwide with the United States Postal Service (USPS), on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's. Orders must be placed by 11 am  to be shipped out the same day. You will receive an email once your order is shipped with a tracking number. Cynthia Aesthetics uses 1-day shipping in the Tri-State Area, 2-3 day shipping outside the Tri-State area unless there is inclement weather that will delay the package. Cynthia Aesthetics does not control USPS shipping policy’s or speed. If you require a signature for your package please state that in the order notes. Current Postage Cost in the Tri-state area: 1-2 products under 14 pounds $7.35. 2-4 products over 14 pounds $7.85, 4 or more or Upstate New York: $ 8.30, Over 24 pounds or Outside of Tri-State Area $10.40.*Shipping prices are subject to change*



Be certain it’s authentic PCA SKIN®


The safety and efficacy of PCA SKIN® products is my top priority. The only way to ensure you are buying authentic products is to purchase them through Cynthia Aesthetics LLC. Look-alike PCA SKIN® products can end up online, on an unauthorized website. I do not guarantee any products purchased through an unauthorized website, as the product may be expired, diluted, counterfeit and may not be safe to use. I cannot perform any Medical Spa Treatments and will decline all services on clients that don't purchase PCA SKIN® through Cynthia Aesthetic’s Shop Online Store. This policy is put in place to ensure client's safety, and to prevent Cynthia Aesthetics being responsible or liable for any adverse effects, post-treatment.


other policies


Gift Certificate - Cynthia Aesthetics offers a wide variety of Gift Certificates during special occasions. Gift Certificates never expire. All gift certificate purchases can be used toward any service or products at Cynthia Aesthetics.  If you are a new client and received a Gift Certificate for Cynthia Aesthetics please follow new client steps and read the policy. Cynthia Aesthetics ONLY offers emailed or printable (on your end) Gift Certificates. Although under shop online the system may show gift cards can be purchased, Cynthia Aesthetics DOES NOT offer Gift Cards. Only 3rd party Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Gift Cards can be used at the time of check out. If you are interested in purchasing a Gift Certificate, proceed to do so by clicking on “Gift Certificate” in the navigation bar.

Credits - If you have any credits with Cynthia Aesthetics, the credits can only be redeemed at the time of an appointment. Credits CANNOT be used towards product purchases, gift certificate purchases, package/series purchase or applied towards a cancelation or no-show fee.

Pregnancy - Cynthia Aesthetics offers a wide variety of services and products if you are pregnant or lactating. Be sure to let Cynthia know right away if you are a return client. If you are a new client, in the “Female Client” portion of the online consultation form will address this topic. The day of your appointment, Cynthia will offer you water and extra pillows (If needed during your appointment). Your skin care treatment will be customized and tailored to your skin while keeping in mind, the many restrictions while pregnant and lactating. If you are a new client and you are pregnant or lactating, please proceed to follow the new client steps and read the policy. Cynthia Aesthetics offers Waxing and The Natural Brow Wax service to pregnant or lactating clients.


Brazilian Waxing/Laser - Being comfortable is my top priority. If you have a Brazilian Wax appointment booked and due to mother nature, your monthly cycle starts early, in the coming days of your appointment, please notify Cynthia immediately by text messaging 646-818-9602 to make special arrangements.


Sick/Cold/Flu/Virus  - If you have an appointment booked and you are feeling under the weather, sick, flu-like symptoms or you're not feeling like yourself, please notify Cynthia immediately by text messaging 646-818-9602 to make special arrangements.


Bad Weather - If you have an appointment booked on a day we experience bad weather, where it's not safe to travel, you can cancel your appointment on the same day of your appointment and not be charged as we cannot control mother nature. Safety is Cynthia Aesthetics top priority and may also need to close if traveling isn't safe.


Exercise - You cannot go to the gym, work out studio, swimming, or sports class 24-72 hours post-treatment. Cynthia will remind you at the time of your service when you can resume exercise activity.






Associated Skin Care 
Professional (ASCP

National Coalition 
Esthetician Association (NCEA)

Society of Permanent 
Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)

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