Chemical Peels



  • Your skin must be pre-treated with the PCA home care products that Cynthia recommends for a minimum of 14 - 28 days prior to these treatments depending on the service.


  • Your peel results will be exponentially more effective when you adhere to pre and post care preparations. A post peel care kit is supplied for home care.


  • Please discontinue all prescription topicals, over-the-counter AHA/BHA, retinoid and hydroquinone topicals,  7 - days prior to your scheduled appointment. 


  • You CANNOT wash your face, wear makeup, wash your hair after receiving the treatment.


  • You also CANNOT sit under a hooded hair dryer, workout, intentionally expose your skin to the sun for 48 hours post treatment.

Associated Skin Care 
Professional (ASCP

National Coalition 
Esthetician Association (NCEA)

Society of Permanent 
Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)

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