Dark Circle Eye Treatment



  • You must wait 14 days after Botox; 30 days after a filler in the orbital eye area!

  • Pre-treatment recommended 14 days prior to appointment for the best results.

  • The PCA Skin® Ideal Complex® Revitalizing Eye Gel can be purchased at Cynthia Aesthetics shop online store.


$50.00 - 30 min

The thin, sensitive skin around the eyes responds beautifully to a blend of enzymes, hydrating and brightening ingredients.



This treatment will help to improve dark circles, puffiness and fine lines due to genetics, hormones, lifestyle and changing skin.


After receiving this eye treatment, the skin around the eye should be treated twice daily with the PCA Skin® Ideal Complex® Revitalizing Eye Gel to achieve the best results.



Associated Skin Care 
Professional (ASCP

National Coalition 
Esthetician Association (NCEA)

Society of Permanent 
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